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Simulated annealing performs best. Random mutation outperform a more 'intelligent' mutator. Furthermore, the best mutator, by a small margin, was a novel approach we call temperature dependent random sampling that makes large changes in the early stages of evolution and smaller changes towards the end of search. A comparison of three observational techniques for assessing postural loads in industry. The comparison was based on the evaluation results generated by the classification techniques using working postures.

All postures were sampled from the iron and steel, electronics, automotive, and chemical industries, and a general hospital. These results showed that compared to RULA, OWAS, and REBA generally underestimated postural loads for the analyzed postures, irrespective of industry, work type, and whether or not the body postures were in a balanced state. Overview Snapshot Observational Technical OSOT is specifically designed to allow users to obtain both pictorial and categorical data related to the transactions in context component of early childhood prekindergarten and kindergarten educational programs.

Such information is especially useful in operations calling for descriptive evaluation. Due to significant technological advances during the past years these devices start to compete with CCDs also for demanding scientific imaging applications, in particular in the astronomy community. CMOS detectors offer a series of inherent advantages compared to CCDs, due to the structure of their basic pixel cells, which each contain their own amplifier and readout electronics. The most prominent advantages for space object observations are the extremely fast and flexible readout capabilities, feasibility for electronic shuttering and precise epoch registration, and the potential to perform image processing operations on-chip and in real-time.

Presently applied and proposed optical observation strategies for space debris surveys and space surveillance applications had to be analyzed. The major design drivers were identified and potential benefits from using available and future CMOS sensors were assessed. The major challenges and design drivers for ground-based and space-based optical observation strategies have been analyzed.

CMOS detector characteristics were critically evaluated and compared with the established CCD technology, especially with respect to the above mentioned observations. Similarly, the desirable on-chip processing functionalities which would further enhance the object detection and image segmentation were identified.

Finally, the characteristics of a particular CMOS sensor available at the Zimmerwald observatory were analyzed by performing laboratory test measurements. OBMs use actual measured concentrations of ozone, its precursors, and other indicators to determine the most appropriate strategy for ozone control. The usual app Standardized observation of neighbourhood disorder: does it work in Canada? Background There is a growing body of evidence that where you live is important to your health. Despite numerous previous studies investigating the relationship between neighbourhood deprivation and structure and residents' health, the precise nature of this relationship remains unclear.

Relatively few investigations have relied on direct observation of neighbourhoods, while those that have were developed primarily in US settings. Evaluation of the transferability of such tools to other contexts is an important first step before applying such instruments to the investigation of health and well-being.

This study evaluated the performance of a systematic social observational SSO tool adapted from previous studies of American and British neighbourhoods in a Canadian urban context. Methods This was a mixed-methods study. Exploratory factor analysis was conducted with the quantitative SSO ratings. Content analysis consisted of independent coding of qualitative data by three members of the research team to yield common themes and categories.

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Qualitative results based on raters' fieldwork experiences revealed the tool's shortcomings in capturing important features of the neighbourhoods under study, and informed interpretation of the quantitative findings. Conclusions This study tested the performance of an SSO tool in a Canadian context, which is an important initial step before applying it to the study of health and disease.

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The tool demonstrated important shortcomings when applied to six diverse Toronto neighbourhoods. The study's analyses challenge previously held assumptions e. Free radicals in the stratosphere - A new observational technique. Anderson, J. A new approach to in situ observations of trace reactive species in the stratosphere is described. A balloon-borne system, floating 40 kilometers above the earth's surface, successfully lowered and then retracted a cluster of instruments a distance of 12 kilometers on a filament of Kevlar.

This instrument cluster is capable of detecting gas-phase free radicals at the part-per-trillion level. The suspended instrument array has excellent stability and has been used to measured atomic oxygen concentrations in the stratosphere.

Application of work sampling technique to analyze logging operations. Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various time study methods for determining efficiency and productivity in logging. The work sampling method is compared with the continuous time-study method. Gives the feasibility, capability, and limitation of the work sampling method. Introduction: Observational research using the thin slice technique has been routinely incorporated in observational research methods, however there is limited evidence supporting use of this technique compared to full interaction coding.

The purpose of this study was to determine if this technique could be reliability coded, if ratings are….

Individuals with profound amnesia are markedly impaired in explicitly recalling new episodic events, but appear to preserve the capacity to use information from other sources. Amongst these preserved capacities is the ability to form new memories of an emotional nature — a skill at the heart of developing and sustaining interpersonal relationships.

The psychoanalytic study of individuals with profound amnesia might contribute to the understanding the importance of each memory system, including effects on key analytic processes such as transference and countertransference. However, psychoanalytic work in the presence of profound amnesia might also require important technical modifications. In the first report of its kind, we describe observations from a long term psychoanalytic process 72 sessions with an individual JL who has profound amnesia after an anoxic episode. However, we were also able to document areas of preservation, in what appears to be a functioning therapeutic alliance.

As regards transference, the relationship between JL and his analyst can be viewed as the evolution of a narcissistic transference, and case material is provided that maps this into three phases: i rejecting; ii starting to take in; and iii full use of the analytic space — where each phase exhibits differing degrees of permeability between JL and the analyst. This investigation appears to have important theoretical implications for psychoanalytic practice, and for psychotherapy in general — and not only with regard to brain injured populations.

We especially note that it raises questions concerning the mechanism of therapeutic action in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, and the apparent unimportance of episodic memory for many elements of therapeutic change. EO-1 Mission Status for the Constellation Mission Operations Working Group to discuss the EO-1 flight systems, mission enhancements, debris avoidance maneuver, orbital information, 5-year outlook, and new ground stations.

Hunten, Donald M. The four Mariner and two Viking spacecraft sent to Mars between and have provided a wealth of information concerning Martian planetology. The Mars Observer , to be launched in , will build on their results by further examining the elemental and mineralogical composition of the surface, the strength and multipolar composition of the planetary magnetic field, the gravitational field and topography, and the circulation of the lower atmosphere.

The Mars Aeronomy Observer is intended to address the last major aspects of Martian environment which have yet to be investigated: the upper atmosphere, the ionsphere, and the solar wind interaction region. Shift work and diabetes mellitus: a meta-analysis of observational studies.

Observational studies suggest that shift work may be associated with diabetes mellitus DM. However, the results are inconsistent. No systematic reviews have applied quantitative techniques to compute summary risk estimates. To conduct a meta-analysis of observational studies assessing the association between shift work and the risk of DM.

Geometric and Numerical Foundations of Movements

We also reviewed reference lists from retrieved articles. Two authors independently extracted data and assessed the study quality. A pooled adjusted OR for the association between ever exposure to shift work and DM risk was 1. Shift work is associated with an increased risk of DM. The increase was significantly higher among men and the rotating shift group, which warrants further studies. Returning to work after laparoscopic myomectomy: a prospective observational study.

Laparoscopic myomectomy offers women many benefits over conventional open surgery, including an expedited recovery and return to employment.

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We prospectively evaluated 94 women undergoing laparoscopic myomectomy by a single surgeon between January and March Women had standardized preoperative counseling and completed a validated return to work questionnaire 3 months postoperatively via telephone, post or in clinic.

Mean number of fibroids removed 2.

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Time to return to normal activity and BMI significantly influenced the time taken for women to work after laparoscopic myomectomy. Further data would support clinicians in counseling women appropriately and optimizing their postoperative return to employment. Fluctuations in alliance and use of techniques over time: A bidirectional relation between use of "common factors" techniques and the development of the working alliance. The aim of this study was twofold: a Investigate whether therapists are consistent in their use of therapeutic techniques throughout supportive-expressive therapy SET and b Examine the bi-directional relation between therapists' use of therapeutic techniques and the working alliance over the course of SET.

Intraclass correlation coefficients assessed therapists' consistency in use of techniques. A cross-lagged path analysis estimated the working alliance inventory- Multitheoretical List of Therapeutic Interventions bidirectional relation across time. Therapists were moderately consistent in their use of prescribed techniques psychodynamic, process-experiential, and person-centred. However, they were inconsistent, or more flexible, in their use of "common factors" techniques e.

A positive bidirectional relation was found between use of common factors techniques and the working alliance, such that initial high levels of common factors but not prescribed techniques predicted higher alliance later on and vice versa. Therapists tend to modulate their use of common factors techniques across treatment. Additionally, when a strong working alliance is developed early in treatment, therapists tend to use more common factors later on.

Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2 Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2
Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2 Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2
Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2 Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2
Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2 Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2
Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2 Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2
Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2 Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2
Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2 Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2
Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2 Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2
Eugenia Parrishs Bakers Dozen +2

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