Bear Deer Alligators Killers

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Boa constrictors

Okay, this one seems a little nutty, but cattle are stronger than most people give them credit for. A bull can reach a staggering 2, pounds, and an adult female cow averages 1, pounds. Image: Llee Wu. Certain dogs can be unpredictable if not trained properly or raised in less than ideal circumstances; some may just attack without warning for no apparent reason. Luckily, most pooches just want to kill us with kindness. Though imperative for keeping our flowers and trees alive and well, insects like bees and hornets account for nearly 60 human deaths per year.

Deaths are the result of allergic reactions.

The animal that causes the most human deaths every year? Deer sometimes leap blindly into roadways causing tens of thousands of traffic accidents annually. These accidents cause an estimated deaths every year, numerous injuries, hefty medical bills, and totaled cars aplenty. They are very strong and capable. While there have been roughly 30 fatal attacks in the last 60 years, all but two occurred in Florida. In Mississippi, there is no record of an alligator attack, fatal or not. They also have a denser human population near water.

The amount of alligator habitat in Mississippi is only a fraction of that in Florida. Comparatively lower numbers of gators in Mississippi, residential development patterns and a healthy respect for the animal appear to have kept Mississippians away from fatal conflicts. Because of those factors, Flynt said the danger they pose is low.

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But when people interact with the reptiles, such as by feeding them, they become more comfortable around humans and the risk of conflict dramatically rises. Estimates on the population vary, but biologists agree that Mississippi's black bear numbers are growing. Along with it, concern about safety has also grown among some outdoors enthusiasts. The numbers vary among different sources, but most indicate there have been about 60 deaths from black bear attacks in North America since and just over 20 of those happened in the United States.

But like alligators, black bears have yet to be life-threatening in Mississippi.

Komodo dragons attack and eat alive deer

Young, who is a biologist and spent many years working with black bears, said low numbers of bears in the state is part of the reason they've not been a threat, but their nature should also be considered. Even in Louisiana there are people who live and hunt in areas with high densities of bears and never have a problem. Problems arise when bears are lured out of their element by food and venture closer to humans than they normally would. Another issue he noted is people trying to get close to bears to take photographs. Snakes probably generate more interest and fear than just about anything out there — especially the venomous varieties.

In Mississippi, venomous species include the Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake, pygmy rattlesnake, timber rattlesnake, cottonmouth, coral snake and the most common, the copperhead. A bite from a venomous snake can be painful at best and even cause death. Weapons That Changed History. Card Trick 1 The Flipped Card. How to Get out of Quicksand.

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Bear Deer Alligators Killers Bear Deer Alligators Killers
Bear Deer Alligators Killers Bear Deer Alligators Killers
Bear Deer Alligators Killers Bear Deer Alligators Killers
Bear Deer Alligators Killers Bear Deer Alligators Killers
Bear Deer Alligators Killers Bear Deer Alligators Killers
Bear Deer Alligators Killers Bear Deer Alligators Killers
Bear Deer Alligators Killers Bear Deer Alligators Killers

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