The Boy and the Walrus

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Klosterman, Brown, Morgan, Junod, Eimerl, and, most recently, Marche each employed several of these troubling tropes when writing about women. Hopper used none. When men again, not all men write about men, they glorify. When they write about women, they minimize.

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What they were doing was very real. Paleolithic human wizardry. The marriage of image and soul fuels story and our conceptions of self, all the more so in the world of the internet where we can use images that are not our actual selves to represent that self—macros and userpics and icons. We are always making ourselves into metaphors.

In play, we show our best selves, the people we dream to be, long to be. And we pantomime acts and narratives that once upon a time were seen as holy, as the very keystones of faith—because they are instinct, they are beautiful, and they are true often enough. I spent an afternoon with two small shamans and they told me I was a moose.

I was a wolf. A muskox, a flamingo, a bear and a walrus. We did a good trade. I brought my magic to them in the form of a red book, and they brought theirs to me in blue books. We wizards know a bargain when we see it. Mirrored from cmv. Also appearing on LJ and DW. Read anywhere, comment anywhere. Sep Log in No account?

Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. I Am the Walrus catvalente March 26th, You never know what a school visit will be like. We shook hands when it was over. I don't have anything to add. I just think this is a gorgeous post, and those boys are awesome, and I love that they've found magic so young. Reply Thread.

The Boy on the Beach

What a beautiful sacred thing. I wish to play this game. I would be all sorts of animals and they would all be magic, even the worm and the walrus. I don't respond often but I always read what you post here and I loved this. Thank you.

Ah, The Naming. An ancient rite and one full of, as you say, nodding of heads and sagely advice.

The Boy and the Walrus The Boy and the Walrus
The Boy and the Walrus The Boy and the Walrus
The Boy and the Walrus The Boy and the Walrus
The Boy and the Walrus The Boy and the Walrus
The Boy and the Walrus The Boy and the Walrus
The Boy and the Walrus The Boy and the Walrus
The Boy and the Walrus The Boy and the Walrus
The Boy and the Walrus The Boy and the Walrus

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