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Real men are still around if you take the time to look. They enjoy having a spouse that is equal to them and the fruits of a partnership that is based on respect, love, and understanding. Real men are equal parts strong and soft. They know when to carry a tough exterior and when a little tenderness is needed instead.

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Real men stand up for what they believe in, regardless of what others think. They carry themselves with confidence without knocking the character of those around them.

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Real men are role models for their children. They teach them to be kind, expressive with their feelings, respectful and strong all at the same time — often in the same moment. Real men are guideposts for their families. They are hard workers, pillars of strength and a soft place to land when the world hurts their loved ones.

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Real men show their true hearts. Real men can admit when they are feeling weak. Real men defend the innocent. They understand that marriage is tough, that there will be hard times and times of disagreement but they stick it out because they love that other person more than anything. Real men are go-getters.

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Real men have tender hearts. They know how to wipe alligator tears off of little faces, give bear hugs to spouses that are down and calm fears of those around them like nobody else. Real men are fighters. They stick up for what they believe in, shut down people that are wrong, and are warriors of their loved ones. The relationship does not define him. He has other interests like reading, writing, playing football etc.

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This man will push you forward to live a life of your dreams than be a road blocker. If you like what you just read, please hit the Recommend Button so that others may stumble upon this.

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    He knows his mind and has a spine. A real man appreciates you. A real man trusts you. A real man will take initiative.

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    He takes responsibility for his decisions and actions. He helps you out with chores and errands. A real man is faithful and loyal. He knows his priorities. The Productivity Revolution Curated Writings that helps you achieve more with same, dramatically improve productivity and reignite top-line growth. Life Lessons Love Relationships.

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    It’s Not All About Being a “Gentleman”

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    The Real Man The Real Man
    The Real Man The Real Man
    The Real Man The Real Man
    The Real Man The Real Man
    The Real Man The Real Man
    The Real Man The Real Man

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